Coconut Nectar

Natural Sugar From Coconut Blossom SAP. Sweet Coco Organic Coconut Nectar is a great alternative to sweeteners like maple or avage syrup.

Coconut nectar which is processed comes from Organic Coconut Plants free from chemical fertilizers. North Sulawesi is abundant of Coconut Plants so it is called Negeri Nyiur Melambai. Natural Factors supporting surrounded by mountains and fertile valleys provide abundant natural resources in the Land of North Sulawesi.

Coconut syrup is a delicious natural sweetener, made from the nectar of coconut palm flowers. This nectar is found inside the blossoms of the coconut palm tree. Farmers tap the sweet nectar in a way similar to that of maple syrup production then collected in bamboo containers and placed under controlled evaporation until they reach the consistency of syrup. This evaporation can be carried on to produce another coconut product we know and love which is crystallized coconut sugar where we can also use it in other delicious recipes.